What’s Forest Therapy
What’s Forest Therapy

Forest Therapy, also known as Shinrin-Yoku or Forest Bathing, is a scientifically proven method of connecting with nature to improve your physical, psychological, and cognitive health. A Forest Therapy Walk is a walk that is led by a trained guide who employs a standard sequence of invitations to assist in slowing down and deepening connections to nature. Walks are limited in distance and are non-strenuous. A typical walk last 2.5-3 hours and welcomes up to 12 people to participate. This is not an informational/naturalist walk; it is more about being than doing. There is no right or wrong way to experience each invitation.

“The Forest is the Therapist, the Guide Opens the Door.”

Maggie has been a nurse for over 33 years and is a Nationally Board Certified Advanced Holistic Nurse and an Integrative Health and Wellness Nurse Coach. She witnessed the significant impact stress had on human beings through her work in “western healthcare” as an acute care nurse and a primary care nurse practitioner. In 2008, Maggie was inspired to focus her approach on preventative care and founded Inner Light Recovery (visit InnerLightRecovery.com) for more info), a private practice to support people with stress management and integrative health and wellbeing. Both her professional and personal life provided her with experiential evidence that nature assists individuals in their health and healing. This inspired Maggie to complete a rigorous six-month specialty training program through the Association of Nature and Forest Therapy Guides. Visit NatureAndForestTherapy.org for more information on guide training.

Meet Maggie Brown, Certified Forest Therapy Guide
Meet Maggie Brown,
Certified Forest Therapy Guide
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